How To Analyze Home Buyer Personality Types To Improve Real Estate Negotiations

Tim March 20, 2014 0
How To Analyze Home Buyer Personality Types To Improve Real Estate Negotiations

Home BuyerAt the onset of your home selling adventure, you’ll meet a myriad of prospective buyers. Regards of what area you live in, there are three major breakdowns for the type of buyers that you will usually come across. By understanding what each one wants, and how they make and weigh their decisions and choices, you can easily craft a plan to ensure that each buyer’s desires are highlighted in your home.

The Analytical Decision Maker– The analytic buyer is generally focused on the economic costs and impact of the home. They are the buyers who a focused on the eventual cost of owning the home after the sale has gone through. From reoccurring costs associated with ownership, to the investment ramifications, to general commute times to local destinations, these buyers will focus purely on the numbers as a function. For these buyers, a comprehensive breakdown as well as an organized history of costs can be a make or break in the sale. A complete history of repairs and costs helps many buyers understand the cost of home ownership and allow them to plan and account for any unexpected costs that come along.

Visually Stimulated Buyer- The visually stimulated buyer will generally focus mainly on the aesthetics of a home during the purchase process. As a general starting point, the key areas of emphasis will be the condition of the siding, roof, landscaping and appearance from the street as well as the surrounding homes. While there isn’t much you can do about the surrounding homes, bringing in a contractor can help ensure that the outward cosmetics of the home as well as the structural integrity of a home is both pleasing and of a high quality.

The Intuitive Buyer: Intuitive buyers are greatly affected by experiences. Whether it’s the initial meeting with the prospective seller, the wafting aroma lingering in a home as they enter or the fragrance of the yard upon arrival, intuitive buyers stay in tune with their emotions or their gut instinct. Simple tricks like baking a batch of fresh cookies or a recently mowed lawn craft the image buying a home instead of just a house to live and grow in.

In reality, a fail safe way to sell a home doesn’t exist. The key is to know and understand the buyer.  Simply understanding will allow you to show off the features that resonate best with each prospect and increase your likelihood of selling.

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