How to Do the Proper Research for Area and Property if You Want to Live in Spain

Tim August 25, 2018 0
How to Do the Proper Research for Area and Property if You Want to Live in Spain

If you have been to Spain a few times, you probably have a pretty basic understanding of what the country is all about and what it can offer, especially in terms of living there. But if you have made the decision to live in Spain and find a home, it pays to know what you’re getting into. Finding the right home is a big endeavour, and it should definitely not be taken lightly. Doing the proper research on where to live and what to look for is key. So, what should you know about finding the right area and the right property in Spain? Here’s how to do the proper research for the area and property if you want to live in this beautiful, fascinating country.

Spend time

As a tourist, you’ve probably spent a week or two in Spain, and that’s it. But if you’re serious about moving there and finding the right piece of paradise, you need to spend more time there. It’s a life-changing investment, after all. Take some time off – perhaps a month or two – and really explore the country and its different areas and regions, and spend time getting to know the country’s housing and real estate market as well. What you can do to make your stay more affordable is to rent a place rather than stay in a hotel. This way, you can also learn more about how real estate transactions happen in Spain before you take that big step.

The rules of research

There are some ‘rules’ when it comes to doing your research for areas and properties in Spain. Take note of these rules so at the end of the day you will have all the information you need.

  • Get to know different areas. The country is large, and the diversity is striking. You’d be amazed at the number of sights and attractions it has, and if you get off the beaten track, as they say, you may be pleasantly surprised. It’s worth getting to know the Costa region as it not only offers sunshine all year round – it also has some great towns that can present you with a truly authentic Spanish vibe. You should know that some areas are more accessible to foreigners who want to buy property, and this includes areas like Moraira. For instance, Moraira real estate specialists like those from know exactly what expats need, as they are expats themselves.
  • Visit during different seasons. Whilst it’s tempting to visit Spain during the summer and spring, make it a point to visit during the off-peak seasons as well. By doing this, you will get a feel for how the country is when there aren’t too many tourists around. It’s particularly useful to visit the coastal areas during the winter so you can really see whether you can handle some extremes in climate and weather.

Learn Spanish. Sure, this may be easier said than done, but at least try to make the effort to learn a few key phrases and terms. This would help you get to know the locals more, especially if you are in a small, rural town where not many are too familiar with English. Good luck!

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