Top 13 Qualities of the Best Hardwood Flooring Services

Tim July 26, 2017 0
Top 13 Qualities of the Best Hardwood Flooring Services

When you want hardwood flooring for your home, you may as well engage with a company that offers the best hardwood flooring services.

Your floor may need some recoating after every five years or so, and this involves putting in a new layer of finish. Perhaps you wish to change the color of the wood by sanding and refinishing. If the hardwood somehow gets damaged, then they can implement repairs instead of replacing them completely.

All these things, however, lead to the natural problem of determining which company offers the best level of services that will meet your needs. Lucky for you, there are signs, which you can look for to determine whether a hardwood company is the best for you:

  1. When they’re called in to install hardwood flooring, they will tell you whether it’s suitable for the room you want to put it in. So if you want to put hardwood flooring in your basement or bathroom, they’ll polite suggest that this is a mistake. They’ll tell that for these rooms, engineered wood is the much better flooring option.
  2. They do a lot of planning before they start installing. They’ll come to your home and do assessments and measurements for the square footage of the floor area, the material and condition of the subfloor, and the humidity levels.
  3. With these preliminary planning, they’re able to order the proper amount of materials. They don’t order too much that can result in waste.
  4. They prepare the subfloor before they install the hardwood. This is crucial because without proper preparation there can be big problems with your flooring later.
  5. They let the flooring materials sit in the room for a few days first. This is so that the wood can adjust to the humidity levels in the room.
  6. They spend time arranging the planks in such a way that will result in an aesthetically pleasing design. They tend to avoid just randomly putting planks of different color side by side.
  7. You can make suggestions and nitpick at their work. In fact, they tend to ask for your input a lot so that they know you’re satisfied every step of the way.
  8. When your hardwood floor looks a bit worn, they may put in a new layer of finish for the flooring for protection. This may require them to scuff the previous layer first so that the new layer will adhere better.
  9. For a major facelift, they may sand the floor smoothly to remove any scratches, and then apply a new finish. This can result in flooring that looks completely brand new.
  10. When you ask for their refinishing service, they’ll ask that you postpone the work if your area has had a lot of humidity and rain lately. That’s because the wood will absorb the moisture.
  11. When they apply a new coating on your floor, they’ll tell you how to deal with the new floor coating. Usually, this means telling you that the area is off-limits for a few days. Afterwards, they’ll still insist that you move around the floor extremely carefully. You’ll be advised to keep anything away that can scratch the floors.
  12. They also try to do everything they can to keep the dust caused by sanding to spread throughout your home. However, this cannot be avoided completely.
  13. They can also fix numerous types of problems without requiring total replacement of your flooring. These may include squeaks, warping, fading colors, scratches, and buckling that can lead to an uneven floor surface.

These are all the qualities that you’ll find in the best hardwood flooring services. Don’t just pick the ones that charge the least. Choose the experts who are the best!

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