Real Estate Marketing Tips to Help You Sell a Property Much Faster

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Real Estate Marketing Tips to Help You Sell a Property Much Faster

Be it you are a homeowner or a real estate agent, your main aim when putting up a property for sale normally is for it to sell within the shortest time possible and for the most cash with the least aggravation.

Sellers and real estate agents need to work together as a team, most of the time, to get the task done. One of the most effective ways to sell a property is to ensure that you all the bases are covered.

In this list, you’ll see all the steps you will need to take to have successful real estate transactions. By following our advice, you should be able to see your odds of sitting at closing tables in a timely manner increase ten-fold.

Pricing is by far the most important marketing tip when it comes to selling a home. Without the right pricing, the rest of the tips provided here will be a waste! The agent you hire and the price you set go hand in hand – and the good thing is that professional agents know all about home pricing which is why it is ideal to hire a professional real estate agent.

  • Interview Multiple Agents

Choosing the right agent is crucial. It’s very easy to go for a shady real estate agent, and that is why you are advised to not take the process of selecting an agent lightly.

  • Ensure the Agent Has a Great Website

Being in the 21st century, it is vital that the estate agent you choose has a kick-ass website that is well designed and which showcases their listings.

  • Find Out More About the Agent’s Track Record

Does the estate agent sell all the homes they’ve listed? What’s their listing price to sale price ratio? How many days do the homes they list stay on the market?

  • Get References

Take the time to find out what other people who’ve worked with the agent have to say about his services. Make sure that all your references aren’t hand-picked.

  • Seek to Know Their Marketing Strategies

Get a good, clear understanding of how your property will be marketed both offline and online. Look at what they’re already doing for already existing clients.

  • Look at Their Listing Descriptions

Peek at their listing description to see how they describe homes they’re marketing. Are they well done? Do they create a floor plan and include it in the listing as additional materials that could enhance the property listing?

  • Make Sure Photos on Their Site Are Exceptional

It’s common knowledge that home photos play a major role when it comes to property marketing. Photography is, without a doubt, one of the key marketing techniques when it comes to selling a home.

  • Provide a Video Tour

Does the agency use videos to showcases properties they are listing? Video has become quite popular as a property marketing tool.
Slideshow presentation – if the video is king, then slideshow presentation is the queen. Slideshows are an inexpensive way to market a property if you do not have the budget to have an expensive video made.

  • Use a Drone

Drones are the trend right now so why not take advantage of drone photography to showcase your property, neighbourhood, or lot?

  • Use Social Media

Estate agents who can market through social media can make a huge impact through their marketing efforts. Social media offers an extended reach considering that most of the people use smartphones and are often participants in one or two major social platforms.

  • Create Outstanding Brochures

When selling a home, having professional marketing material is vital. Kick any estate agent who uses white and black multiple-listing sheets as marketing materials to curb right now. The best agents will provide colour brochures printed on nice, quality stock.

  • Use Professional Mailings

Sending just-listed postcards will allow you to reach an audience that could help you sell your home. Against popular belief, print marketing isn’t dead. Postcards have proven to very effective real estate marketing tools, especially when it comes to getting the word out.

For a more comprehensive look into the above marketing tips, click the linked article above. Take your time to read through all the tips covered in the article, and follow the advice provided.

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