Asaf Izhak Rubin on the Downside of Not Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

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Asaf Izhak Rubin on the Downside of Not Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

It is not every day that you need a real estate lawyer. There are certain instances in your life when you really need one, and when you do, it makes sense that you get in touch with it as soon as possible. AsafIzhak Rubin believes that some people can delay their decision of hiring a lawyer because they think they will have to pay a huge legal cost. That’s not true at all. The bigger and regrettable cost that you have to pay is when you enter a wrong deal because there was no one to guide you in the right direction.

Let’s take a look at what Asaf Izhak Rubin has to say about the disadvantages of not hiring a lawyer in your real estate matters.

You’ll Be Stuck with Documentation

The worst part of any real estate deal is the documentation. AsafIzhak Rubin says that it is not the documents you need, it is arranging them on time that makes this process extremely difficult. You can’t take too much time because you can lose the best deals if you are slow. If you are the seller, you will lose the buyer. If you are the buyer, the seller might start looking for other offers. So, you have to make sure that you arrange the documents without any delay and before the other party loses interest in the deal.

An important thing to remember here is that you can’t make mistakes just because you are hurrying through the process. In real estate deals, even the slightest mistakes can completely stop the entire process. That’s why, it makes sense to hire a professional and seasoned real estate lawyer to help you with all the documentation involved within your real estate deal.

You Can End up with Regrets

Regret is a bad thing when you can’t really overturn the things that have already happened in your life. So, you are buying a house from someone. You think it is a great deal. In fact, you think it is too good to be true that you are finding such a low-priced house in such a posh area. The problem is, your heart might be telling you the truth. At times, it is too good to be true because it is not true at all. What you are buying is a house that’s not owned legally and officially by the person who is selling it to you. What if there is another person who owns the house.

What if the seller you are dealing with is currently fighting a case with someone on the title of the house. So, before the other party could get a hold of the house and its title, they are selling it out to get some cash. You can’t really catch these details unless you hire a real estate lawyer to look into the matters deeply and tell you that the deal that you are about to close is going to be a bad one.

You Might Leave Your Family in Tatters

An important part of a real estate lawyer’s job is to provide you with guidance on the matters of planning your estate and writing your will. You have to go through many legal processes before you can name certain properties in the names of certain people. If you don’t complete these processes on time, you can end up causing a rift in the family when you are not around. All the family members start fighting with each other and then a big phase of lawsuits ensues. Avoid that by having a lawyer on your side for all your real estate matters.

Final Thoughts

AsafIzhak Rubin is a real estate lawyer himself and the advice that comes from him really matters. Every word he says about real estate dealings is spoken with experience, not on whim. So, make sure if you are about to enter a real estate project, you get in touch with a seasoned lawyer for help.

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