Best Countertop Picks for Trendy Kitchens

Tim March 14, 2018 0
Best Countertop Picks for Trendy Kitchens

If the kitchen is an important room in the house, the countertops you choose are one of the most important aesthetic and functional decisions you will make. Any activity performed in the kitchen is going to involve the countertops in some way or other and this is a good reason to make the countertops the focal points and foundations for an entire kitchen design.

To find the countertop that will tie the entire kitchen together with just the right ratios of dimensions and tones, we have put together some of the best options for 2018. Consider how any of these will look in your cooking area.

1. Quartz is Classic

If you like the style, warmth and texture of granite countertops, particularly the granite in Chertsey, Surrey then you are going to love the high-end alternative quartz. Granite is a beautiful mineral that has been the material of choice in the kitchen industry until not so long ago. But, there is one problem with granite, it is a porous rock. This means that wine, coffee, oils and even water that is spilt on the countertop will seep into the rock surface and cause stains. Even worse, it can stagnate and breed bacteria which makes the kitchen unsanitary and promotes health conditions.

There are some solutions, one is a granite sealant that locks the holes and keeps moisture from entering the rock. But the sealant is only semi-permanent and it will need to be re-sealed throughout its lifespan.

But, quartz is another matter altogether; its nonporous surface does not absorb moisture and will never need to be sealed. You can spill wines or oils and you will never need to fear that the stains will be permanent and this makes it a better option in many circumstances. Furthermore, the materials are highly-durable and can withstand considerable wear and tear untarnished.

2. Textured Finishes vs. Polished

There is presently a movement in the design industry that favours a textured and tactile surface and this is a good idea for your kitchen countertops as well. The most common options are honed surfaces that can be applied to marble, quartz or granite countertops. Polished surfaces are always the preferred look, but there are some advantages to the alternative.

The honed finish looks a bit like matte but there is even less shine. You will see a variety of individual sheens from the different stones and tones. Honed finishes are an especially good idea for marble which can become scuffed and scratched. This finish hides imperfection perfectly.

3. Countertops with Personality – Veining and Patterns Are a Thing

IF you tired of the exact same look and patterning as every other marble tabletop, there are some terrific new options available that weren’t around in older designs. This means we can finally take some control over the attractive patterns exhibited on countertops.

Some materials but Quartz, in particular, can be designed and manipulated to look like slabs of actual stone like marble or quartz. The designs are taken a step further as the patterns can be created to run in specific ways. This is itself can be used to boost your kitchen’s wow factor with a bespoke style of veining.

These unique patterns and finishes can be juxtaposed with other kitchen elements featuring bespoke designs and textures as well. The cupboard doors, flooring and even various cooking appliance can all be selected to reflect a singular attraction.

4. Neutral Tones the New Norm as Bright Colours Fall Out of Favour

Another important design movement is the adoption of neutral tones and softer hues throughout the home and the kitchen is a great place to exhibit this subtle sophistication. The bright hues that were more popular in the Art Deco movements have been replaced with a desire for relaxed colours and flavours. What better place for relaxation than the kitchen.

With this in mind, consider a softer grey, white or earthy green for your countertops rather than the traditional deep blue or jet black. Beige has made an astounding presentation in a shade called “greige”, the same thing but with more grey, this would look terrific against a patterned ceiling of more distinctive hues.

In Conclusion

The trends in kitchen countertops seem to be favouring the relaxed and softer tones and this is a habit expected to be pursued in the future. Thinner delicate looking slabs and integrated sinks will help to complete the effect.

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