Free Office Spaces For Startups

Vanessa John October 25, 2014 0
Free Office Spaces For Startups

Deciding upon a permanent office lease is a big risk even for big companies. It’s tough to realize how much space you will require in a year or two. And, if something goes wrong, you could be left with empty workstations and serious bills to pay. In the same way, company owners don’t feel like paying for real estate until they are sure that the venture is going to fly. At the time of starting, costs of setting up an office can be a main hurdle for company owners. But these days’ start-ups are finding rent-free offices. There are accelerators which offer this ability to start ups, usually in swap over equity. But at present company owners are searching for other kinds of free spaces available. Here are 2 kinds of work spaces that company owners can get for free:

1. Community-Sponsored Space

To support financial development, the chamber of commerce in a few places provide free workplaces with the help of governments and companies. The programs need free workplace with the assistance of governments and businesses. These programs need company owners to put forward a business idea and show its growth potential. Having physical work place is very legitimizing. Conference with entrepreneurs and accountants in the free workplace rather than at house makes a significant difference. Start-ups are also triggered to take part in group events.

2. Co-working Space

Co-working spaces provide an office-like environment without charging the business owners, generally lone founders who would otherwise be working from their houses. Organizations interested in seeking entrepreneurs run these programs, and some have an application procedure. The space that is shared also gives a routine to company owners and keeps them from going unoccupied at house. But these are not like regular workplaces. Most co-working spaces have big tables, making it hard to make telephone calls or hold conferences due to noise level.

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