Get your community manager online

Tim August 1, 2016 0
Get your community manager online

Are you in search of a community manager? Do you feel that the HOA works are becoming too much of a burden for you to handle? Then the solution is right here, few clicks of your mouse and you get your community manager on the go to help you with any community requirements that you need. All you have to do is get in touch with them and they will make sure that all of your community problems are taken care of. The good news here is that you just appoint them, and after that, you do not have any work.

The company that is so helpful and lends an extending hand to all community owners is called the Cedar Management Group. They are a group of trained individuals who know exactly what and how your community needs, and helps to sort out all the problems that might be present.  Be it monitoring, accounting or support, their teams are always ready, with a community manager leading them towards the preferable tasks that need to be taken care of and completed on time. They have a team-based approach which helps them to strategically plan their work and get it done on time.

There are various additional advantages of this group; the most profitable one is the reserve planning systems that they practice for all communities that they work for. In simple words, it’s a funding plan for 30 years and it ensures that all kinds of repairs and replacements come with it. So basically, all your deterioration and fixing costs are included in this so that the money is available for any kind of emergency. The money is majorly dedicated to capital improvements and serves as insurance money for the place that you live in. A little share of your money today will help you for the next 30 years to come.

You obviously want your community to look clean and tidy, always in check. That is exactly what the maintenance coordinators do. Everyday field and maintenance support staff go for inspections to check if the rules and regulations are being followed or not. Landscape walks also become a part of their scheduled maintenance tasks, wherein they are accompanied by a landscape vendor so as to notify them if any repairs or betterment has to be done to the existing landscapes. In a case of an emergency, the maintenance staffs are available 24X7 for all the clients living in the community receiving their calls, emails and requests as per their requirements.

The company makes sure that it uses the best technology available nowadays so that the work becomes easier and better. The technological advancement of this company becomes their value added service and they maintain this so as to assist their clients more efficiently. If you are interested in hiring their services, then all you have to do is visit their website and get in touch with them. And the next thing you know, your community is under the maintenance of the best HOA group, making your community look like heaven on earth.

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