It’s not just the House that Sells!

Tim April 2, 2016 0
It’s not just the House that Sells!

If you’re selling your home or flipping real estate for profit, you probably already know all the features to point out to your prospective buyers. What you may be missing is the amenities outside the property, and they can mean a lot when it comes to the buying decision! Here are a few key talking points to give to buyers:

Describe the neighborhood and what makes it special, and curtail it to your buyer’s needs. Are they looking for a quiet area? Point out how many retirees live on the block. Do they have children? Show them the nearest schools, and don’t be afraid to describe the ratings and special events the schools offer. Note where the nearest parks are, and let them know of special features such as swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and baseball fields.

Point out the nearest grocery and hardware stores, and the convenience store that is closest to the home. Let them know where they can find amenities such as a workout gym, hair salons, and pet supply stores, too. Use your imagination and your personal knowledge to inform them about what’s available in the area, as they may not be familiar with the neighborhood.

Offer some information on cultural events and entertainment venues that are close by, such as movies, plays, and concerts. Use their personal interests to add to the list, as everyone has different hobbies and pastimes. Keep a copy of the local entertainment guide handy, and consider getting some extra copies to give to serious buyers.

Be familiar with the crime statistics for the area, and let the buyers know if there’s a neighborhood watch or regular police patrols. Let them know their safety won’t be at risk when they move into their new home.

By making your buyers see the house as a home in a friendly neighborhood instead of a building in a strange place, you place the vision of belonging into their imagination. Once they can picture themselves walking the dog around the block and waving to their new neighbors, you’re well on the way to sticking a “sold” sign in the front yard!

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