Things Not To Do When Selling Your Home

Tim July 22, 2014 0
Things Not To Do When Selling Your Home

It is hard work selling your property. It can seem to take forever and some houses are on the market for a long time. If this is the case you have to ask yourself why that might be the case and whether there is anything that you have done wrong in the process. Here are a few things that you shouldn’t be doing when selling your house.

Assume that Cheap is a Good Thing
Many people choose an estate agent who is at the cheap end of the market. Sometimes this works for people, but honestly this is more often due to the fact that their property has something unique to offer anyway. You might think that your home is special, but in the world of property marketing it is probably very similar to another house just down the road. This is why it is worth paying that little bit more to ensure that you sell your home. Good marketing is worth its weight in gold. Check out what other estate agents in your area have to offer when it comes to marketing your house. Look at high quality sites such as that found at for an indication of the sort of quality marketing which you might need.

Not Put Any Effort In
It is not merely a case of handing off the sale of your property to the estate agent. It’s a two way thing. You need to make sure that your house is presentable and as sellable as possible if you are to succeed and get the best price possible. An estate agent can be the best sales person on the planet, but if your house is badly maintained and full of rubbish or dirty then there is only so much that they can do. Put in some work and make your home look inviting and warm. Potential buyers need to walk in and feel as if they would be happy to kick off their shoes and live in your house, not see work needing done everywhere they look.

Over-estimate your Worth
Your estate agent should be able to give you a realistic market value for your property. This should be based on the price that similar properties in your area have sold for. Do not insist that they put the property on the market for a much higher price in the hope that you might just get lucky. Chances are you will sit waiting for potential buyers to come to you and it will not happen. Be realistic with your valuation and work to the market around you if you want to achieve a sale quickly.

Always remember to take the advice of the professionals around you. Your perception of your home may well be very different to that of others. Selling a house is very different to living in it, always bear that in mind.

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